SimplyThick was invented by John L. Holahan while he was attending Washington University’s Executive MBA program. The instant food thickener was the result of a class project that required them to develop a plan for a new business.

Holahan has a background in chemistry and thickeners to suggest a business that produced a more palatable liquid thickener – one that was different and better than existing starch-based thickeners. After mixing the first batch in his kitchen, Holahan asked Barnes-Jewish Extended Care to run a clinical test with its dysphagia patients. Speech pathologists reported patients with swallowing disorders drank more liquids when they were mixed with Holahan’s product and better complied with dietary directives. Following graduation from Washington University, John L. Holahan and Matt Knehans – his partner in his class project – formed their corporation, Phagia-Gel, with the help of Marc Braun, an attorney of The Stolar Partnership. SimplyThick was launched at the American Dietics Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition in St. Louis.

After 16 years and 750 million servings of their patented formula later, SimplyThick can really say that they have changed the industry.  SimplyThick, LLC is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies that serve people with swallowing disorders.

SimplyThick was recommended with a sample comparison by a speech therapist at Barrow’s Neurological Clinic in Phoenix, and you can’t get much better than that!. Both the product and your service are excellent. One less thing for us to worry about in our battle with PSP.

Margaret Ingham

This was a difficult diagnosis and we are very grateful for your product which is easy to use and works well to assist in proper swallowing of liquids. Thank you for providing the product and for making it accessible online and for shipping quickly!

Sue McGown

SimplyThick is easy to use because it mixes well with all beverages without changing the taste. I use the nectar consistency individual packets. I was treated for throat cancer and swallowing thin liquids was almost impossible without aspirating them. SimplyThick solved that problem for me.

John L Moore

SimplyThick Products

Nectar Packets

The Nectar Packets allow for easy preparation of beverages. Each individual, pre-measured serving packet is small, discreet, and easy to take with you anywhere. The individual packets are designed to thicken 4oz of beverage with every one packet. They will thicken your beverage to a nectar, mildly thick consistency.

Honey Packets

Similar to the Nectar Packets, the Honey Packets are easy to carry with you anywhere. Each packet is designed to thicken 4oz of beverage at one time to a moderately thick honey consistency. Two honey packets produce a pudding consistency, so you can customize the thickness depending on your needs.

EasyMix 2 Liter Bottle & Pump

SimplyThick EasyMix bottle and pump is designed for maximum flexibility and quick use. The 2 liter bottle can be used for all three desired consistencies. To thicken 4oz of a beverage, you would use 1, 2, or 4 depressions of the pump to create nectar, honey, or pudding consistency.


If you want to take your beverage on the go or want to pre-mix a large batch to keep in your refrigerator, SimplyThick shakers are the perfect solution. With three size options, 16 oz, 64 oz, and 1 gallon shakers, you’ll always have a thickened beverage ready whenever you need it.

Nutrition Facts

SimplyThick gel thickener consists of: Water. soluble fiber, xanthan gum, Glucono delta-lactone, gellan gum, potassium sorbate, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, and pectin.

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